Wild flowers, food and poetry of Slovene Karst

Slovene Karst is a relatively narrow stretch of land running the Italian border, considered to be among the poorest areas of Slovenia mainly due to its geological reality – very rocky limestone formations do not allow for agriculture both for lack of soil and for the lack of water, which runs right through to the thousand caves underground.

This very physical reality is what has lead its inhabitants to do their best with what they had; stone was their burden and their only richness which they learned to more wonders with.

Our trip through Slovene Karst is a very slow experience to really savour a land that has learned to turn venom into medicine. A very harsh and apparently inhospitable land that treasures some of the richest botanical varieties in totally unspoiled environs. Endless kilometers of incredibly beautifully crafted dry stone walls in long forgotten woods where, if you slow down and quiet down enough, you can still hear the fairies giggle and dance.

A land where wild deer, fox and badgers can frequently be met in harmonious encounters on the notes of lovely birdsongs; you will easily spot buzzards, red woodpeckers, great tits, hoopoes and lots of other birds.

We will walk, cycle and drive through the most unknown yet beautiful stone villages, visit a stonemason’s yard, visit one of the most beautiful caves, explore flora and fauna, sample the famous Terran Wine and their fabulous, hearty cuisine.

We will learn to make seasonal flower wreaths with wild, foraged greens and flowers, get to know the wild edible plants and forage for our own herbal tea.

Slovene Karst was beautifully portrayed in the poetry of local poet Srečko Kosovel, whose house we will visit and his poems ww will read on our slow meanderings.


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